Roberta Soldati

A graduate of the University of Freiburg Law School, she received her certificate of competence to practice law in 1998 and that of Public Notary in 2001.

During a stint working for a trust company in Lugano, he obtained certificates in international and domestic taxation from SUPSI.

He has been working at a leading law and notary firm in Lugano since 2002.

She received the Advances Studies degree in mediation in the business and public sector and the degree in family mediation, from SUPSI, earning the title of FSA Mediator.

He chairs the Independent Mediation Commission of the State Information and Transparency Law and is a member-supporting member of the Lugano LAFE Authority of I instance.

She has been a deputy in the Grand Council since 2019 and is a member of the Committee on Justice and Rights and the Committee on Economy and Labor.